Cashier, who bothers?

I have been wanting to write this long a go but it just happened now. Enjoy your reading!

Please put your hands up if you belong to a type of people who pay attention to Cash Register Display when the Cashier is counting your shopping items. If you are belong to “Don’t Care” or “Cashier Must Be Right” group then you should probably need to change now.

At first, my husband didn’t bother just like you perhaps, but after he saw several incidents where I caught the cashier with wrong counting then he is now becoming more particular. Here are some of the ‘incidents’ that I have encountered.

Cashier at Mydin, Jalan Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur counted “Minyak Gamat” twice when I purchased it at the store. In other occasion, I also found the cashier at Carrefour Seri Petaling, Selangor, Malaysia charged me with wrong price label.

There are some items at stores must be registered at a specific counter when we purchase, after that the counter lady issues an invoice that we need to bring it to the cashier for payment. After paying, we bring the receipt and return to the counter and exchange it with the item we purchase. At this type of store, I caught the counter lady at Macro, Jakarta totaled the items I purchased wrongly which I realized when I handed it over to the cashier. I saw on the display pop up the total amount of items I purchased, then I felt something wrong with it because I knew how much it’s supposed to be, let say Rp. 100,000 (I forgot the exact amount) but it turned up to be Rp. 200,000. The cashier then called the counter lady to correct it, that’s it! no sorry, nothing and she had no answer when I asked what happened if I didn’t know or if the customers didn’t know, where the money balance would go? Instead of giving me an explanation, she raised her eyebrow.

Here again in the UK, I found several incidents, and I will just show you the most recent one.

As you can notice from the picture, the price of a pack of Daisyhill Eggs is £2.29. I purchased two packs then they are supposed to be £4.58 in total. The moment the cashier entered the amount, I realized there was something wrong with the total but I just kept quite and waited till he printed the receipt. Gotcha! As you can see from the receipt that I underlined with red ink, the total was not £4.58 but £4.98! I spoke to the cashier politely “Excuse me, the egg price is £2.29, you can see the price label.” I expected him to nod, said sorry, returned £0.40 and case closed! But, it’s not what I wanted, and he replied: “No, the price is increased to £2.49 now.” Oooo, no way brother (my heart screaming), I counter-argued with him and said: “Hello…your price label shows £2.29 on both packs, you can’t simply say £2.49 now, it’s not halal!” I was told that the shop is belong to a Muslim and I have been nearly six months shopping at this shop so I know the shop keepers and cashiers are Muslims, that’s why I said IT’S NOT HALAL. He returned to me with frowning face the £0.40 (equals to Rp. 600), no sorry nothing and I just walked away.

My daughter was with me witnessing it from the beginning and she said as we walked away: “Come on Mommy, it’s just 40p”!  I said to her: “No darling, 40p sounds small but in the eyes of Allah, small is counted and if it is not halal, we must pity him and the shop because we don’t help them from eating haram things” She mumbled and said “ehmm…okay”

This becomes things to ponder and let’s recall Surah Al-zalzalah 6-8:


That Day, the people will depart separated [into categories] to be shown [the result of] their deeds.


So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it,


And whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.

The verses remind us to appreciate even small  good deeds that we do as it is counted by Allah, vice versa, we must also take precaution on small sins we do as it is also accumulated. In one hadith quoted from Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Imam Ahmad recorded from Abdullah bin Masud that the Messenger of Allah said:

إِيَّاكُمْ وَمُحَقَّرَاتِ الذُّنُوبِ، فَإِنَّهُنَّ يَجْتَمِعْنَ عَلَى الرَّجُلِ حَتْى يُهْلِكْنَه

Beware of the sins that are belittled. For verily, they are gathered in a man until they destroy him.

To have a blessing in our business we must adhere the rulings of Shari’ah and the price label is actually a part of the pillars that constitutes the completeness of the contract. It is also a promise that must be fulfilled and whatever we promise to customers must be satisfied. Finally, this is clearly stated in Al-Maidah Verse 1: “O you who have believed, fulfill [all] contracts.”

May this article give manfaah. Wallahu’alam bissawaf.

Your sister in Islam,

Murniati @ Mu Kim Ni


4 thoughts on “Cashier, who bothers?

  1. madaam… Good writing and always enjoy your english which in my opinion followed to read and understand but i’ve got same experience as Madam in Carrefour. before Carrefour Acquistion by CT, i’m often meet bad experience when the price between in their shelf of goods not match with cashier register. i make complaint and they change it’s price

    and alhamdulillah, after one year my work in software accounting, i’m always notice it’s invoice. not means i don’t believe to their service to amount price totally but i often receive create an invoice by my clients 😀 so i should remember that to create another best invoice in general accepted as usually.

    if you don’t have any objection, i’m inviting you to stalking on my blog. :))

    sincerely your ex student :))

    • Alhamdulillah, you are really jumped into a real life now. I am really proud of you, my star student. Keep up your good work and be part of khairunnas anfa’uhum linnas. Bittawfeeq wannajah! Madam.

  2. It will be different if you shop in Tesco. From my experience, if Tesco charge you different from the price label, you can make complaint at customer service, then they will return your money twice of price difference.

    • Yth. Ibu Adrianti,

      What an amazing experience you have! Yes, indeed, good companies treat their customers very well because they want you to be their repeating customers. Unfortunately, they are not many. Thumbs up for Tesco!


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